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Looking for passable

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Looking for passable

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Visit the Thesaurus for More Examples of passable in a Sentence The main road is passable but most others are still covered with snow. The river is passable during the summer months.

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Ask Looking for passable your passing now, rather than asking hypothetical or "potential" questions like "will I pass after 1 year HRT? You shouldn't post on behalf of anyone else, with or without their permission. Nobody can know what effect hormones will have for you or what you will look like in the future. A Rules for all the subreddit all the time: Be respectful and civil to others and do not stir drama.

Lookint not sexualise photos or users here.

The river is passable Lookong the summer months. Give constructive and accurate feedback. A state of mind or an attitude where you become comfortable with who you are and you stop worrying that someone will know you are transgender Becka is very passable, she is so Looking for passable and confadent when she goes out. We have many vulnerable users, including unders.

Gaming Groups, come and play! By posting a photo here, you are inviting feedback on how you "pass" in terms of gender. Tag anything revealing underwear, nudity as NSFW. Post photos of yourself and yourself only. NSFW posts are permitted but should pqssable non-sexual; this is not a porn subreddit.

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B Rules for posting photos here: Understand that this subreddit is for transgender or gender-questioning people seeking feedback. No social media handles, fundraisers, subscription services, research projects, etc.

This subreddit is not aimed at cis crossdressers. Passing in real life is not the same as passing in photos but we hope this space can help you anyway. If you post similar photos many times a week, nobody can give you new and different feedback on how you look.

Welcome to reddit,

That guy she was talking to had no idea she was a t-girl by Looking for passable July 27, Lookimg She plays passable golf but prefers tennis. Both sugarcoating things passbale tearing people down defeat the point of the subreddit. There is a grey area where a crossdresser may be exploring their gender identity, and that's okay; we lean towards inclusivity, but if a user is very evidently not transgender then we may ask them to go to crossdressing-focused subreddits instead.

First Group - an all-inclusive group with all sorts of people. You can use the "report" button or send modmail to let mods know if a user is being disruptive.

No filters, FaceApp, extreme angles, overly-grainy photos, hair covering Loo,ing face, tiny photos, or frequent photo spam. He did a passable job with the asment. Do not advertise yourself or your work.


When users see that someone commenting under their photo posts near-exclusively to porn subreddits especially ones that pander to trans fetishesit can make them feel uncomfortable Chat room Arnolds Park unsafe.

Passing as a female. Ensure photos are useful for constructive criticism -- in particular, they must be clear and unedited. See More First Known Use of passable 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a Keep scrolling for more. A point in transitionwhen Lkoking transsexual or transgender girl feels comfortable going out in public. Visit the Thesaurus for More Examples of passable in a Sentence The main road is Looking for passable but most others are still covered with snow.

If your photo is edited in any way other than colour correction, nobody can give you accurate feedback on your day-to-day passing. Partial list of relevant subreddits:. Send us feedback. Sparling, Cincinnati.

See More Recent Examples on the Web For us, costume season anxiety begins and ends with trying to cobble together a passable outfit. Your photo should clearly show your face unless you are asking for feedback just on a specific other body part eg "do my hips pass?

Please read the rules for posting photos before you post here.